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Sun, Oct 02, 2022

Citygroup: What Happened to Consumer Banking Operations in Greece

Historical Background

Since the late 1940’s Citibank has maintained a banking presence in Greece. But due to the Greek market conditions and struggling economy, Citi Bank decided to separate parts of its business.

When Did the Major Change Occur?

On July 20th, 2015 Citibank International Ltd transferred its consumer customer operations of its Retail Bank of Greece branches to Alpha Bank SA. Alpha Bank

The Role of Alpha Bank for Citibank Consumer Customers

The arrangement means that all Citibank customers who need to handle their personal account information no matter where they have their Citibank accounts in the world, if transactions require help related to activities in Greece, then Alpha Bank is responsible for all such enquiries for those persons.

The former Citibank consumer presence in Greece was known as Citibank Retail Banking Network. All those prior functions are fully integrated today in the Alpha Bank Network.

What About the Business, Commercial and Public Sector Businesses in Greece?

You should be aware that Citibank Greece still handles its own banking services for businesses, financial institutions and the public sector. Link to CitiBank Country Specific Banking for more extensive information. 

Citibank Awards for Greece Operations

Annual Euromoney Awards

  • Best Investment Bank in Greece, Euromoney Awards 2019
  • Best Investment Bank in Greece, Euromoney Awards 2017
  • Best Investment Bank in Greece, Euromoney Awards 2016
  • Best Bank in Greece, Euromoney Awards 2012
  • Best Investment Bank in Greece, Euromoney Awards 2012
  • Best Private Bank in Greece, Euromoney Awards 2012

It is worthwhile noting that Citi Greece is the largest recipient of institutional investor flows for trades on the Athens Exchange.
Source: Citi Banking Group


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