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Fri, Aug 12, 2022

Help With Animal Support in Greece

Animal Welfare in Greece is Flourishing

There are many community dog and cat support groups on the Island of Crete and across Greece. 

Official Municipal Action

Every municipality has to, by law ,round up and impound into shelters stray dogs and cats. In 2021 a fresh law is imposed to ensure population numbers are controlled for a compulsory catch, capture and de-sex for dogs and cats running wild in urban areas.

Until 2021 there had been mixed success with the animal control projects as Central Government in Athens financial support for rehabilitating stray animals has had to take a back step to human and societal needs. But the framework is in place and there has been a change in attitudes by both the general public, especially the younger crowd, politicians and civil servants in predominantly rurally minded islands, such as Crete, Corfu or Rhodes.

Today, pet shops are found in most larger towns. More of the younger veterinarians are becoming specialised in family pet care while traditionally the older vets specialised in farming animal husbandry. There is a flourishing business component of rescued animals being sent to other countries from Greece, namely Northern Europe. The reputation of rescued animals being rehabilitated to full health in Greece is high internationally. It helps that the holiday makers  from Northern Europe fall in love with the pets they come into contact with and arrange to ship them home. It is economic to make such a decision in moving pets originating in Greece.

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