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Tue, Jun 27, 2017
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  1. City of Athens provides water for strays in heat wave

    The City of Athens has placed water dispensers at 35 key locations around the capital to ensure that its stray dogs and cats can stay hydrated against the heat wave that is expected to slam the country as of Wednesday.

  2. Greece managed refugee crisis with dignity, says migration minister

    Greece managed the refugee crisis with dignity and continues the efforts to improve the living conditions of refugees and facilitate their integration, Greek Migration Policy Minister Yannis Mouzalas told Xinhua.

  3. Allied Aid brings American volunteers looking to work in Greece

    “I get two to three inquiries a week from people who want to come to Greece and volunteer,” says Rita from Allied Aid.

  4. Monsieur Minimal | Athens | June 29

    Indie-pop artist Monsieur Minimal will be performing some of his new tunes from his much-anticipated album at Gazarte's Roof Stage on Thursday, June 29. 

  5. Taxmen caught red-handed taking bribe in Rhodes

    Two tax inspectors sent to the southeastern Aegean island of Rhodes to conduct spot checks at businesses for tax evasion were caught in the act of taking a bribe on Tuesday.

  6. Municipal authorities providing respite from heat wave

    The City of Athens and other municipal authorities around the country said on Tuesday that they will keep community centers and other air-conditioned facilities open all day as of Wednesday to offer citizens protection from the heat wave.

  7. Progress made in talks between PM, municipal workers’ union

    Talks between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Interior Minister Panos Skourletis and representatives of the POE-OTA union of municipal employees over an ongoing strike by sanitation workers went “very well,” union chief Nikos Trakas said coming out of the Maximos Mansion on Tuesday morning.

  8. Bishop imposes restraint at weddings, baptisms

    The metropolitan bishop of Fthiotida has caused a stir after banning wedding and baptism decorations both inside and outside the region’s churches earlier this month.

  9. Athens slams Tirana square makeover as ‘concealing irredentism’

    The Greek Foreign Ministry on Monday night issued an announcement accusing the Albanian government of an “action that cultivates and conceals irredentism” in the renovation of the capital’s main Skenderbeg Square.

  10. PM steps in in row between ministry and trash collectors

    Ongoing strikes by municipal sanitation workers are turning into a major headache for the leftist-led government, especially amid warnings that rising temperatures will turn the mountains of trash piling up on city streets into a serious public health hazard.

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