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Mon, Mar 27, 2017
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  1. Greens pull away from AEK in double overtime

    In one of the season’s tightest games, Panathinaikos beat AEK in the second overtime on Sunday to keep up the chase on leader Olympiakos with three rounds of games left to the end of the regular season of the Basket League.

  2. Contraction of credit continues unabated

    Bank of Greece figures revealed on Monday a further contraction in the financing of the Greek economy last month, a result of the general uncertainty hanging over the economy and the drop deposits at the country’s banks.

  3. BoG: Clear risk to the economy from the endless negotiations

    Central banker Yannis Stournaras warned on Monday of the risk of a full reversal of the economy’s course as the delays in the completion of the bailout review may “put in doubt all the targets for this year, the fiscal targets, the growth targets and the credit sector targets without exception.”

  4. Major decline in value of mergers and acquisitions

    Despite major moves in the supermarket sector, with Metro (operator of the My Market chain) acquiring Veropoulos outlets and Sklavenitis stepping in to rescue Marinopoulos, the number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) diminished considerably in Greece last year.

  5. Indirect tax takings miss their targets

    The government has received its first major warning that the budget is in trouble in the form of indirect tax revenues for the first couple of months this year, and this at a time when its negotiations with the country’s creditors are in full swing.

  6. ATHEX: Stocks bounce back on news about progress in review talks

    Reports of a near-agreement between Athens and its creditors in Brussels on the majority of issues found at least a few investors in the Greek stock market willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on Monday.

  7. Thessaloniki pharmacist chief warns of medicine shortages

    The Thessaloniki Pharmacists’ Association on Monday warned of serious shortages in a number of important drugs, claiming that each pharmacy on its register sends away an average of 15 customers a day.

  8. Ex-health minister says he welcomes probe into hospital corruption

    The vice president of New Democracy, Adonis Georgiadis, said on Monday that he “welcomed” an investigation into corruption at the Henry Dunant Hospital in Athens.

  9. American high school band plays in the streets of Nafplio

    Members of the West End High School Band from Alabama in the USA perform in a parade through the streets of Nafplio in the eastern Peloponnese on Monday. Their participation in the parade was part of an eight-day educational trip to Greece organized by the school.


    [Vassilis Papadopoulos/Eurokinissi]

  10. EU states urged to meet refugee relocation pledge

    The European Union’s top migration official on Monday urged member-states to meet their refugee relocation pledges by September and help alleviate the pressure on countries such as Greece and Italy which have borne the brunt of arrivals across the Mediterranean.

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