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Mon, Jun 24, 2019
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  1. Turkey stands by S-400S, says F-35 partners disapprove of US

    Turkey has purchased Russian missile defences and is discussing a delivery date irrespective of any US sanctions, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday, adding the United States is isolated as it also squeezes Turkey on F-35 jets.

  2. Coach Pedoulakis returns to the Greens

    Argyris Pedoulakis is returning to the Panathinaikos bench, after three years, for a third spell in the Greek double winners, the Greens announced on Monday.

  3. Composer Yannis Markopoulos turns 80, and marks it with a grand celebration

    Composer Yiannis Markopoulos, who has spent a lifetime captivating audiences with his distinct blend of traditional Greek and symphonic melodies, will be bringing some of his greatest works to the Herod Atticus Theater.

  4. Beat users bemoan end of driver selection

    A decision by popular taxi-hailing app Beat to remove the ability to select a driver was slammed by users who wrote thousands of messages to the company in protest, arguing that it was one of the main elements that had distinguished it from a regular taxi company.

  5. Omar Rajeh | Athens | June 25 & 26

    The Athens Festival presents acclaimed Lebanese choreographer Omar Rajeh and his Maqamat dance company – organizers of the influential Beirut International Platform of Dance (BIPOD) – in “#minaret,” described as an “act of resistance” against the destruction of the Great Mosque in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo.

  6. Young Greeks | Thessaloniki | To September 15

    As the title suggests, “Young Greek Photographers: 2010-2018” aims to showcase developments in contemporary photography by presenting the work of 32 diverse local artists aged up to 35 years old, exhibiting different trends, techniques and themes.

  7. Loreena McKennitt | Athens | June 27

    Canadian artist Loreena McKennitt, celebrated around the world for her seductive signature fusion of Celtic, folk, world and pop music, will be performing at the Herod Atticus Theater as part of the Athens Festival on Thursday, June 17.

  8. Tapestries | Thessaloniki | To July 28

    The Teloglion Art Foundation presents 24 tapestries that have been designed and produced by Katy Stavroudi using both standard and upright looms. 

  9. Cyprus court imposes 7 life terms on serial killer

    A Nicosia court on Monday passed down seven life terms to a Cypriot army captain after finding him guilty of killing seven foreign women and girls. 

  10. Golden Dawn member who allegedly drove killer's getaway car testifies

    The Golden Dawn trial continued on Monday with testimony from a member of the neonazi party alleged to have driven the car of Giorgos Roupakias on the night that the latter fatally stabbed leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas.

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