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Sun, Dec 17, 2017
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  1. Politicians express condolences after death of Skai reporter Vassilis Beskenis, 43

    Leading figures in Greek politics on Sunday expressed their condolences following the death of Vassilis Beskenis, a political journalist and commentator at Skai television channel who passed away of a heart attack in the morning at the age of 43. 

  2. Bid to accelerate migrant asylum applications and returns

    In a bid to ease growing pressure on overcrowded refugee camps on Greece’s eastern Aegean islands, the government is drafting a law to accelerate the process of granting asylum to refugees.

  3. Fire service probe blaze in Thessaloniki apartment block that killed three

    The Thessaloniki fire service on Sunday was investigating the causes of a blaze that broke out in an apartment block in the suburb of Katerini, killing three people.

  4. Renewal and unity

    Greece needs a robust opposition party that will be able to form an efficient and effective government when the time comes.

  5. Illegal tavernas in Schinias wetland ordered to be demolished

    All illegal tavernas in the wetland of Schinias, northeast of Athens, have to be demolished by February, the Decentralized Administration of Attica has ordered.

  6. Greece's universities in the grip of violence

    A sharp spike in incidents of violence, and criminal activities, on the grounds of universities across the country has fueled concern among academics who say they are powerless to intervene.

  7. Survival angst

    The one thing that the government has shown any consistency about since being elected to power in January 2015 has been its targets. It always has someone or something to target.

  8. Four students hospitalized after attack on Athens University faculty

    Concerns about incidents of violence at university faculties peaked on Saturday after assailants wielding wooden sticks attacked students at an Athens University campus on Academias Street in central Athens, sending four of them to the hospital. 

  9. Man injured in downtown Athens market shooting

    Police are tightening patrols in downtown Athens after a 32-year-old Algerian man was shot and wounded in the city’s central Varvakeios Market in the early hours of Saturday.

  10. Ministers attend Elefsina conference on anti-flood work

    Several key ministers attended a conference in Elefsina, western Attica, on Saturday, aimed at improving anti-flood works in the region following catastrophic floods last month that killed more than 20 people.

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