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Tue, Feb 25, 2020
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Living in Crete: Get to Know How Brits and Irish do it

The Livingincrete:BritsinCrete community includes Irish + EU nationals taking up life on the Greek island. Learn of their experiences dreaming then coming and making the move to settle down on Creta. This blog is an entry to our two main websites with lots of advice.
  1. Setting up your BlocPal wallet
    interesting if you are interested in crytocurrencies.
  2. Greece :: Be Warned Driving in Flip Flops Definitely Illegal (Οδήγηση με σαγιονάρες)
    Greece, the country with a laid back reputation is in the news again. BritsinCrete has learned that effective mid-July 2018, #Greece joined other European countries such as France, the UK and Spain in banning the driving in flipflops (οδήγηση με σαγιονάρα) just at the time of the peak tourist season. The first time fine is 50 Euros and a 30 day licence suspension. Presumably that is a
  3. Rebranded Cyprus Airways adds Larnaca - Chania Flights
    Cyprus Airways, new delivery 2018. Photo credit: Facebook.com/Cyprus Airways BritsinCrete has learned that the new, rebranded Cyprus Airways, on July 24 opened up passenger bookings for flights between Larnaca (LCA) and Chania (CHQ).  The de-facto #Cypriot flag carrier took to the air in its new colours in June 2018 with flights between #Larnaca and Athens.  Cyprus Airways says the route