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Wed, Jan 29, 2020
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Benefits of New Brits in Crete Web Site

You are viewing the revamped and re-launched user-friendly Brits in Crete main web site. Its content management system offers many advantages from ease of use of the web site and finding your way around the pages faster. It also help us to interact more when you sign up as  member. As we settle down with the new format we will offer tangible member benefits from a comprehensive Classifieds section to you being able to purchase items online at special prices. Further, we welcome you to upload your pictures of your time on Crete and in Greece. If you are a British or Irish resident ex-pat  you do not have to be living on Crete to join us. Everyone who has interest in our web site(s) is welcome to join.  To other web masters, you are welcome to link to us. Look on our links page to see if you are already enjoying a link. If so, are you linking back? If not we encourage you to select a category for your web site and use our easy and free exchange links service which is automatic. Yours, Gerald, Webmaster Brits in Crete.

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Brits in Crete Forum


Benefit from and explore our vibrant, Online Ex-pat Community from all over Greece, the UK and Eire. Find foreigner's first hand experiences having already settled down and living in Greece through the various bulletin boards. Exchange Comments, Ideas and Ask Questions with those settled in their new home about why and how they moved to Crete and what happened to them. BritsinCrete Forum :: Crete Index contains relevant board postings on real experiences from an active community of 2,171 Current Members (as of June 30, 2015). It is free to join. Gain a valuable insight including on Travel and Holidays on Crete. Become a member of the forum yourself.  




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Cretan Lifestyle - The Dilemma

Our locally resourced information helps you to know the best way to achieve results and get things done when you need to work in Greece, or typically for retirement living. Remember, the modis operandi - The Cretan Way is very different compared to the British Isles. Learn the Cretan way to handle the bureaucracy to avoid any Catch-22 situation that may open a can of worms at the tax office, or a hiccup over "IKA" social security payments, perhaps even confusion on pension rights, or an unexplained difficulty in a new car purchase or insurance cover. We offer many tips.

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BritsinCrete.Net is Your First Stop on the Information Highway to Crete

If you wish to be one of the countless British and Irish and other ex-pats Living in Greece and you are dreaming of a new life abroad, Brits in Crete helps you explore the possibilities to relocate to the Island of Crete with loads of helpful Information. As we progress through 2015, Greece no longer continues to feature everyday in the news on the economic front. Here is the reality of settling in Greece, the sun still shines more than many other places in Europe; the Cretans/Greeks continue to be a friendly and welcoming people, and the pace of life is still comfortable. 

It is no secret that here at Brits in Crete we are one of the most popular websites covering Greece for ex-pats seeking information on settling down in the country. They share first hand experiences of those already living here through livelihood articles and professional advice. BritsinCrete.Net has dedicated pages on living on Crete. We guide you with a checklist of things you need to know when you plan to settle in Crete and the Islands of Greece, or plan a long stay. These include:

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Getting to Crete

Cheap flights to Crete is the choice for most for getting to Crete, although it is becoming more expensive with the rising cost of jet fuel and reduced competition among the airlines that serve the Greek island. You arrive at either Chania, Heraklion or Sitia International Airports. But, when you need to relocate to Greece to set up your new island home, then it is both practical and popular to drive from UK to Crete. You can load up your car with personal belongings, the family and pets and after three days motoring along the auto routes of France, Italy, Switzerland and Greece you are in the sunshine of Crete for an extended stay or to start a new life.

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