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Sun, Oct 02, 2022

About Us

This About Us page on the Brits in Crete web portal is part of our comprehensive information resource for British, Irish and other ex-patriates wishing to relocate mainly to Crete or who are already there. We publish who owns this web site, and how to contact us. We deliver transparency. Advice we give you also applies to other locations in Greece!

As part of the foreign community in Greece, Brits in Crete helps make your move to settle down and live abroad that much easier. Many useful links for day-to-day ex-patriate experiences in Crete on this web site are through the eyes and ears of residents already settled down and make Greece their home.

If you plan to retire in Crete, work in Crete, purchase a property to build, or invest in a renovated holiday property or even a business, we offer sound advice.

Perhaps you just want to come on over and hang out. We have that covered too for those with a shorter term stay in mind.

Brits in Crete can help you learn more about the realities of settling down on the island of Crete and in Greece.

Our slogan:
We deliver information on Living in Crete and Greece
with intelligence, online.

To do this, Brits in Crete is comprised of this, the britsinCrete.Net main web site, a blog, utilising social networking and community bookmarking programmes and the Brits in Crete Forum at

Brits in Crete was founded by Geoff a British Ex-pat and specialist in Internet activities in early 2004.

The Brits in Crete Forum is a natural extension of the main web site with many topical matters addressed and the place to ask questions. Both web sites have now become established as the main resource of finding out solutions to many of the routine questions that crop up for British and Irish ex-patriates finding themselves in Crete.

The 2,134 Forum members (as of March 1, 2015) is a niche online community with more than 46,000 posts from 9700 topics.

The Brits in Crete main .net website alone generates between 11,000-15,000 unique visitors each month.

Contact Us/Write to us via this link.

Individual "Brits in Crete" URL Internet Sites: 
Brits in Crete Forum 
Brits in Crete - Blog 
CretePropertyUncovered.Com - A Review, Comment and Feedback website on Crete Real Estate Agents, Property Developers and Home Builders. On Twitter it is  CPU on Twitter
Brits in Crete on Twitter
(We are not connected to www.Brits in

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Φθάστε στο βρετανικό εκπατριζόμενο και άλλες ξένες κοινότητες στην Κρήτη και την Ευρώπη στον ιστοχώρο.

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